King County Coronavirus Daily Prediction: 11-9

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Oh boy. We continue to hit new highs for infections. Last week, I predicted we would hit 500 infections in a day this week, closely followed by 600. Well, last Thursday’s number was revised higher to 494. Hitting 500 is not far off.

Hospitalizations and deaths still remain VERY low. Very few reported over the weekend, and when looking at the past 14 days, sitting at 58 hospitalizations and 9 deaths. Not bad at all.

Experts have been closely following the rate of positive infections, and it’s increasing steadily. I can’t get the numbers to work out for me on King County Public Health’s data set, so pasting a screenshot of the chart.

As for the model: Another significant improvement in strength. Numbers are only going up from here. At least in Bellevue, temperatures hit below zero overnight, and there’s strong reason to believe this virus spreads faster in colder weather.

If you assume 500 infections per day, and people are infectious for 14 days, that means that 0.3% of the King County population is currently infectious. Yikes. That just seems really high for some reason.

For predictions, I’m going to say we hit 600 infections in a day by this time next week.

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