King County Coronavirus Daily Prediction: 10-30

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Remember when I said we hit a new high last week for COVID-19 infections? Well, this week we’ve already topped that number twice.

It appears we are indeed in the midst of wave three. Now the question is how high and how long it will go.

I thought that this view was interesting – this month vs. last month plotted on top of each other. Every day in October had higher infections than the same day in September. The other thing to pay attention to is the trend line. The trend line is steeper in October than September – growth is accelerating.

The 5th order polynomial model is dead right so far, and the trend line is only going up.

Death toll has been lower in the past week, which is great. The model for deaths reversed and now no longer calls for a large spike.

Buckle up. Better yet, wear your mask.

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