Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-10-30

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  • How can Ohio State not call a single screen pass? Surefire way to record a completion and build confidence for a freshman QB. #
  • "I employ 150 people. I'm doing my share, why are you not doing yours?" #
  • See you at bootcamp: 11:45 #
  • Let the West Virginia – Baylor rivalry begin! #BigLeast #
  • Whoa Oven Mits! RT @Redfin: Redfin oven mitts! Follow @Redfin & RT this for a chance to win one 3 chosen at random #
  • When I watched this live, I wondered if teammates were giving Freese an atomic wedgie. #worldseries #
  • Reason to live on the Left coast? Extra Innings. #worldseries #
  • If I'm the Big 12, I take West Virginia AND Louisville AND a 3rd team (Cincy?). #nobrainer #
  • From Zuccotti Park to Morgantown to Ann Arbor, everyone hates the Rich (Rod): #
  • My new favorite blog: Hipster, or Halloween? #
  • It seems silly to continue "The Line" if only 50 people show up. #
  • The first World Series was originally called "The Championship of the United States." Nice ring to it. #
  • "They just quit. That's what Notre Dame football is all about. They're not anything like 'SC." – Lane Kiffin #
  • Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-10-23: RT @PriscoCBS: Should have kicked there, Tech. # The poor sound on ESPN's… #

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