Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-10-23

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  • RT @PriscoCBS: Should have kicked there, Tech. #
  • The poor sound on ESPN's Clemson-UNC game makes it almost unwatchable. #mute #
  • I agree with Cain: "Stupid people are ruining America." #
  • Who knew Tony La Russa was once the youngest manager in the majors. Or that he was on a gameshow. #
  • Lufthansa sells used aircraft seats!: From the Lufthansa in-flight magazine. #
  • What is the difference between subprime underwriters and Missouri? Nothing, the SEC is ignoring both of them #
  • I wonder what @JustinMorg thinks about this – Put 14 men on the line to eat clock at the end of a game. #
  • Wow. 5 computers have OKST ranked #1 #
  • eTrade spends $1.76 / year to tell me I have $0.07 invested with them: When I rolled over my 401k two years ago,… #
  • Love Scrabble controversy! A player demanded his opponent be strip-searched to prove he did not hide the "G" tile. #
  • Bummer that Lattimore is out for the season. What a fun runner to watch. #
  • Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-10-16: Check out the sunset. # I was successful for 2 seconds #

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