Twitter roundup – week of 3/14

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It was a good sports week!

  • The opposite of “organic” food is not “inorganic.” It still has carbon. Sorry Barry Estabrook – 2:28 PM Mar 20th
  • You can skip commercials while watching replays of games on! 1:42 PM Mar 20th
  • Wow, Nestle could use some help managing their online presence. 9:39 AM Mar 19th
  • CAA continues to shine in the NCAA Tournament! ODU takes down Notre Dame. 11:21 AM Mar 18th
  • BOO CBS RT @josh_levin: CBS MMOD doesn’t let you switch games during commercials. But you can outsmart it by anticipating the TV timeouts. 10:07 AM Mar 18th
  • 8 for 9 in yesterday’s NIT selections! 8:56 AM Mar 18th
  • love it. Carl Bialik & WSJ break down Obama’s bracket by Red State/Blue State and the obvious East Coast bias. 3:44 PM Mar 17th
  • The suns scored so many points yesterday, they broke ESPN’s “Game Flow” chart. (click “Game Flow” radio button) 10:57 AM Mar 17th
  • NIT Bracket busted. ASU goes down in the 1st round. Since when do 8-seeds beat 1-seeds in the NIT? At least I picked the NC State upset! 8:47 AM Mar 17th
  • My NIT bracket is up! 3:30 PM Mar 16th
  • Every year, I say I’m going to fill out a bracket for the NIT, but then I forget. Not this year! 1:48 PM Mar 16th

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