Sunshades in the PNW

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As the trees begin to bud, it’s getting harder and harder to see our neighbors behind our house. Back in October when we moved in, we literally could not see another house from our backyard. Soon that will be the case again. Here’s the house we can still see behind us – a $1.5 MM monstrosity that’s nothing to look at (very boxy, but I’m sure the interior is nice).

Today, we noticed a new addition to the house in question. A custom, retractable screen. It’s a giant shade that goes on the outside of their huge windows in the main living area, something I’ve never seen before even in sunny Virginia, let alone cloudy Seattle. Also, it’s ugly.

Why would anyone in the Pacific Northwest, which gets 226 cloudy days per year, install a sunscreen to block out the rare but beautiful sun rays? I don’t know. The only rational answer I can think of they installed an indoor movie theater, or possibly a sun allergy.

Anyway, there will not be any outdoor, retractable screens to block out the sun at the Fetchero’s place.

Outdoor sunscreen example

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