King County Coronavirus Daily Prediction: 9-11

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King County has resumed updating COVID data, however, it doesn’t look very accurate. the number of tests was down 50% in the past few days. I’m guessing they put some more tests in a box in the back of their closet.

Despite all that, the model has retained its strength and is still forecasting us to continue to trend rapidly to zero.

For the school districts that have remained open, there have been no reports of anything COVID related. About 5% of public school districts in Washington are open, and a much higher percentage of private schools are open, including several in Bellevue.

And, we continue to trend toward the arbitrary benchmarks that will allow schools to reopen. Positive tests are approaching the benchmark of 2% in the past few weeks (currently at 2.2%). Cases per day is ever closer to the 75/day target.

We’ll see next week if there’s any bump from Labor Day.

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