It costs 5X more to rent a Uhaul to move out of SF vs. moving to SF

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I heard a stat last week that the price of a Uhaul from San Francisco to Boise was 2X higher than the price of that same Uhaul in the opposite direction: Boise to San Francisco. The cost of doing business in San Francisco is higher than Boise, so a higher price is understandable. I’ve heard of surge pricing, but 2X seemed ridiculous. I had to see for myself.

So, I put my browser in incognito mode and searched the Uhaul prices from Boise to San Francisco. It’s $257 for a Studio-to-1 Bedroom, and $270 for a 2 bedroom apartment. Seems like a pretty good deal to me.

Uhaul prices from Boise to San Francisco

Then I reversed the search for San Francisco-to-Boise prices. Wow! The comparable prices were $1,603 and $1,688. Over 5X higher.

Uhaul prices from San Francisco to Boise

That’s what I love about the free market. Prices rise and fall based on supply and demand and naturally correct. And clearly, there is a LOT of demand to move from San Francisco to Boise, and not a lot of demand to move from Boise to San Francisco.

And another great thing about the free market is that those thinking entrepreneurially can find a way to add value and make a buck. If someone can figure out how to efficiently transport empty uHauls from Boise to San Francisco, there looks to be a big market for that!

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