King County Coronavirus Daily Prediction: 6-16

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Drumroll please…. The model predicted 18, and King County came in at… 58?!

58 is a high number. For context, if King County averaged 58 infections per day, we would be at 36 infections for every 100k residents over the past 2 weeks. The benchmark for getting into Phase 2 is 25. Nobody wants to get kicked out of Phase 2!!!

It’s not that the lockdowns and social distancing haven’t worked – they worked exactly as they were supposed to. However, when they’re only enforced when it’s politically convenient for Jay Inslee, that’s not an effective policy.

The % of positive tests rose above 3%. That’s a bad trend as well. We haven’t been below 2.8% all week, when last week we were under 1%.

Tomorrow’s number is 17. I’ll take the over yet again.

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