Donovan McNabb will never make it back to the Super Bowl

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The NFL has evolved into the state where teams win by throwing the ball and possession is key. Completion percentage is a terrific indicator of success, which is evident by looking at quarterbacks that appeared in multiple Super Bowls last decade.

Completions are key. The 64.4% average completion % among QBs that have appeared in multiple Super Bowls is much higher than the league average in 2009 of 60.8%. It’s also much higher than QBs that have appeared in a single Super Bowl this decade…

QBs that have only appeared in one Super Bowl this decade have completion percentages that are much closer to league averages. And if you toss out Drew Brees, who very well could make it back to the Super Bowl soon, the number is right at league average. So clearly, there is a correlation between completion % and Super Bowl appearances.

Now, let’s look at Donovan McNabb, the latest pick-up of the Redskins, who traded a #2 and #3/4 pick to get him (along with shelling out the cash to pay his salary).

McNabb has had a completion % lower than 2009 league average every year but 2, and one of those was the year the Eagles made the Super Bowl (6 years ago). McNabb’s average is 59%, and that’s exactly what the Redskins are getting – a QB that is mediocre among the traits that make up exceptional QBs in today’s game. To think that McNabb will magically improve his completion % is lunacy, especially with the current crop of Redskins receivers.

Why do the Redskins think that a below-average possession QB is going to lead them to the Super Bowl? Not sure, but clearly their stats team didn’t recommend this decision.

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