Where sports and politics intersect

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A recent survey of sports fans and political leaning/likelihood of voting revealed some interesting insights as to where sports and politics intersect. In case you missed the infographic…

First, insights that were already obvious…

  • PGA fans rank as most conservative and most likely to vote.
  • Women’s sports are skewed more liberal than men’s sports
  • College sports rank solidly Republican and likely to vote
  • The sport with the largest fan base that’s not Republican-leaning is NBA

But there were plenty of insights that are surprising (to me at least)…

  • Look how far apart Monster Trucks and NASCAR are. It’s night and day. I would have expected those two to be hand-in-hand, similar to where profession bull riding is. It makes me wonder who actually attends monster truck rallies.
  • Men’s tennis is skewed much farther to the Democrat side than I expected. I thought tennis and golf usually appealed to similar audiences.
  • What makes motocross more conservative than other extreme sports? Not surprised though that voter turnout is similar between the two.

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