Biden and the Green New Deal: Either it doesn’t pay for itself, or Biden is crazy for not supporting it

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There was very, very little substance to last week’s presidential debate. We are all dumber for having watched it. However, there was one ~60-second section that piqued my interested – on the environment and the Green New Deal. Here’s the clip:

Chris Wallace asked Biden if he was in favor of the Green New Deal. Biden defended it, saying “The Green New Deal will pay for itself.”

Chris Wallace followed up, point blank, “Do you support the Green New Deal?”

Biden: “No, I don’t support the Green New Deal.”

Instead, he said he supports the “Biden Plan,” which calls for raising taxes and spending $2 Trillion over 4 years on switching to electric cars, upgrading the energy efficiency of buildings, and other initiatives. $2 trillion represents 50% of the US Government budget in a year.

So my question: Why wouldn’t you support the Green New Deal if it pays for itself? That sounds way cheaper than the $2 trillion “Biden Plan.” Either Biden is lying that the Green New Deal pays for itself, or he is stupid for wanting to pay $2 trillion dollars vs. a free plan. It’s one or the other.

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