World Cup Fantasy League Update

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With only 3 soccer  games remaining, let’s check in on the World Cup Fantasy League Standings:

Pick the winner (Yahoo):

1. CarrieB – 82 points

2. Sam – 80 points

3. Justin – 50 points

4. Kip – 2 points

It’s a very close match, with just 2 points separating Carrie and me. There are still 32 points up for grabs as well. Justin forgot to make some selections in the knockout round, setting him back in the competition. Kip hasn’t made a selection since day 1.

Carrie really has had some great selections, including picking both Spain and Germany on Saturday. Germany was a 41% underdog in Yahoo selections, but pulled through.

FIFA league (select individual players):

1. Sam – 403 points

2. Go Home! Brasil – 381 points

3. Acid Baggs – 332 points

“Go Home! Brasil” started out in the lead by far. However, the team loaded with Brazilian players is now in trouble. The team has a lot of salary cap locked into players that are no longer in the tournament, and with transfers limited in the final rounds, they may not have enough to catch me.

I too had a lot of Brazilian players, but I had a more balanced team that could survive no matter which team was knocked out. I also did not fill my entire roster with stars, but instead left a few inexpensive players from Honduras and New Zealand on the bench. For instance, since you can only play 1 keeper but have 3 roster spots, it’s silly to load up on 3 expensive keepers. It has proved to be effective so far.

I’ll be sure to update on the final standings.

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