Winning restaurant concept? Sardines, Grilled Cheese, and PB&J

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Lot No. 3 is a new restaurant that just opened in Bellevue. It’s owner is the same group that created Barrio and Purple, both Downtown Bellevue staples and huge successes. However, the concept behind Lot No. 3 appears to be misguided.

Here are some of the sandwiches offered on the menu

  • PB & J $6.75 – with bacon
  • BACON & EGG SALAD $8.50
  • THE DOG $6.50

Now, which one sounds like something you’d order – the $6.75 Peanut butter & jelly (and bacon) sandwich, or the $7.25 grilled cheese sandwich. All these things you can make at home in a few minutes. Also, you won’t be spending an arm and a leg for them. You can get a cheaper hot dog at a Mariners or Seahawks game. Anyone who orders a $7.25 grilled cheese sandwich deserves a scolding from their mother.

Perhaps there’s a novelty of eating here once. But what would make you come back? Are you really going to want another $8.50 Egg Salad Sandwich when you could buy 4 dozen eggs for the same price and make your own?

The appetizer menu isn’t much better.

  • POPCORN – $3.00
  • PRETZEL – $3.25
  • SARDINES – $6.25
  • DEVIL’ISH EGGS – $4.25
  • PLATE O’ BACON – $6.00

$3.00 for popcorn? The movie theater has cheaper prices (and bigger bags). I can’t wait to see the stats on sardines sales. The only thing this menu is missing is SPAM.

Whoever came up with this concept will find out very quickly if consumers are willing to shell out this much money for basic food. My guess is no.

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