What would have happened if the Big 10 had 12 teams this year?

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With Nebraska joining the Big 10 in 2011, it made me wonder, what would have happened in 2010 assuming conference re-alignment and Nebraska was a part of the Big 10 and there was a conference championship game?

Michigan State and Wisconsin would re-play for the conference Championship

Here is the future conference alignment:

Division A

  • Michigan State (7-1)
  • Nebraska  (6-2)*
  • Iowa (4-4)
  • Michigan (3-5)
  • Northwestern (3-5)
  • Minnesota (2-6)

Division B

  • Wisconsin (7-1) – tie-breaker division champs
  • Ohio State (7-1)
  • Penn State (4-4)
  • Illinois (4-4)
  • Purdue (2-6)
  • Indiana (1-7)

*Nebraska’s conference record reflects their Big 12 conference record

The Big 10 conference championship would be amazing! Wisconsin vs. Michigan State, on neutral turf in Indianapolis, playing for a trip to Pasadena.

Unfortunately, the playoff won’t be happening this year, but it definitely will be happening next year. And in the meantime, Wisconsin will be representing the Big 10, and they’ve been looking quite stellar the past few weeks. They would have been odds on favorites to beat Michigan State the 2nd time around, and are worthy representatives despite no playoffs.

In the meantime, the Big 10 will happily accept 2 BCS bowl bids, with Michigan State the odd-man out and a trip to the Capital One bowl.

I’ll preview the same situation for the Pac-10 next week.

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