Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-01-15

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  • Worst National Championship Ever #
  • Fierce Alabama defense caused ANOTHER fumbled snap by LSU. #fierce #
  • This game is terrible. #
  • Terrible to see that injury. Same thing happened to Ted Ginn on a return in the 2006 game and is part of the reason the Buckeyes lost. #
  • Who's ready for the SEC championship game! Wait, what? It was already played in December? #
  • Q: If we had a playoff, and Ala beat Okst then LSU, would AP voters still vote for LSU like they claim they will do now if Ala wins? #
  • " Larkin and Trammell each compiled Hall of Fame careers the less-glamorous way… So far, just one of them has been justly rewarded for it" #
  • Can I get a TEBOW!!! @mcarr1 @trevorjez @KipFetchero @agasthya1 #
  • WOW!!! #
  • I believe! RT @KipFetchero are you Tebowing???? #believe in reply to KipFetchero #
  • Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-01-08: Tebow's completion percentage over the past 5 games: ▇▅▅▃▁ Pick it up Teb… #

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