Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-05-22

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  • A real athlete: RT @AlphaMaleJMJ: "Macho Man" played 4 minor-league seasons with the Cardinals & Reds. .254 BA, 16 HR. #
  • Who doesn't get excited about the Mariners-Padres "rivalry" series? #MLBisForcingIt #
  • Beat the Zombie Sonics! RT @mcuban: Lets Go Mavs !! #GOMAVS #MFFL #
  • Another reason to root against the Heat: "If [Juwan Howard] gets a ring, we all get a ring." -Jalen Rose #
  • Zombie Sonics Versus Lebron is my nightmare NBA Finals. Impossible to root against both teams. #
  • When the NBA expanded to the Pacific Northwest, they always dreamed of a Vancouver-Seattle Game 7 between Memphis and Okl. City -jason gay #
  • Phil Jackson: 11-time NBA Champion. 1-time NBA Head Coach of the Year ('96) #
  • Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-05-15: Thinking about applying for the "Square Dancer" vanity license plate for … #

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