Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-05-01

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  • People forget that New England technically drafted another Michigan QB #
  • Glad to see Detroit nabbed a WR in round 2 (instead of round 1 as usual). #
  • “Every time a player shook Goodell’s congratulatory hand, he was immediately locked out of the league” -Dan Wetzel #
  • Typical Donald #Trump opening remarks: "Today I'm very proud of myself…" #
  • Congrats @justinmorg for winning the Paint-Color-or-Band-Name challenge: #
  • Paint color or band name – answers: Have you taken the paint color or band name quiz? Unfortunately, I spent a l… #
  • Does it shock me that John Tesh is the new pitch-man for Amway? No. #
  • But do you know who self-reports violations? Small-time programs. #
  • Yes! RT @jasongayWSJ: Can't the Royal Wedding and NFL Draft be combined into one big, blowy TV spectacle of over-baked nonsense? #
  • Paint color or band name?: After visiting Lowe’s four times this weekend, I got pretty familiar with the paint s… #
  • Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-04-24: Last move? I hope so. # College Basketball home favorites by 12+ points c… #

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