Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-10-10

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  • Terrelle Pryor said the "pop" he heard on the play that sidelined him vs. Illinois was his leg brace #
  • Michigan has lost 13 straight Big Ten matches to teams that aren't Indiana or Minnesota #
  • Discovered the secret ingredient of office window washers: Dawn #
  • Does Randy Moss get paid more for playing 17 games this season? #
  • The Cigar Guy taught Chuck Norris everything he knows RT @TIME The legend of #CigarGuy grows #
  • The Decision Part II: Cleveland Plain Dealer's beat writer for the Cavs is also taking his talents to South Beach. #
  • Allow me to revise my previous statements on Vick. Looks like he can't tolerate pain. #
  • It seemed like a good idea RT @Slate Frito-Lay dropping eco-friendly SunChips bag because it was too noisy #
  • Vick and McCoy should be good to go next week #
  • Having a physical therapist for a wife is a significant advantage when it comes to understanding injury impact in Fantasy Football #
  • Hey! @KPefferle got picked up by the Dispatch: "Pryor's most important run was back out of that tunnel from the locker room" #
  • It wouldn't be Sunday without @PriscoCBS 's salty tweets. "This is terrible football. Terrible." #

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