Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-09-05

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  • “The first offensive play of the Lane Kiffin era at USC,” Fanhouse’s John Walters noted, “was a false start.” #
  • Who's excited for the first College Football game of the season… Presbyterian College at Wake Forest #
  • Starbucks doesn't brew decaf coffee after noon. That seems like a bad policy to me. #
  • NCAA football preseason poll analysis: Don't count on Ark, UNC, FSU & others #
  • Putin: Bears should be afraid of people, not the other way around. #
  • Looks like Archie Griffin has nothing to worry about. #
  • I think twins should be called "doublets" #
  • College Football mid-majors just don't do it for me like College Basketball mid-majors #
  • Dr. Saturday ( added back to google reader. It's time to start cramming for college football season. #
  • UFC does a great job creating storylines around its matches. Pitting Heavyweight champ vs. UFC champ? Brilliant. #

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