Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-08-08

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  • Germans call tungsten "Wolfram." Hence the "W" on the periodic table. #
  • Chart of the day: AOL Revenue: '07 to '10 #
  • "Men are 35% faster and 2.4% more accurate than women at parking cars overall" #
  • Seeing the Blue Angels circling outside is pretty cool #
  • Wish I saw this while visiting the San Juan Islands. Cool photo. #
  • A visual flight diary: "Takeoff! The fight for armrest supremacy begins!" #
  • Great back and forth on the interchange debate. Author calls Durbin amendment "elegant solution." #
  • Nobody wants to be the carpenter! RT @MattRogish: The Oregon Trail movie #
  • I don't understand what Seafair is. #
  • Rhubarb does not taste as it looks #
  • I agree with USS Mariner – I've never heard of a "team trying to get its manager fired." @BNightengale – focus on the game #
  • "The Mariners are playing like a team trying to get its manager fired. Wakamatsu's future clearly in doubt" @BNightengale #
  • Of all 30 MLB managers, only Bud Black is a former pitcher. #
  • No punter or placekicker has ever coached an NFL team. #

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