Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-07-25

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  • Spotted 2 white, unmarked vans with inconspicuous dudes in them on one block on my jog through Clyde Hill. #stakeout #
  • Figured out that PNW peach season begins July 15th. In Richmond it's probably close to the end. #
  • A mariners comeback – 6 runs, 0 earned. #
  • During the fall, I will be rooting against three people: Tiger Woods, LeBron James, and coach Jimmy Johnson on Survivor #
  • It's awesome that Lou Pinella put Jeff Nelson in LF in 1993 to bring in a lefty for one hitter. #
  • here's a hint for you, HP. Anyone who's interested in the "PalmPad" has already bought the iPad. #
  • Took my first online survey where I was immediately disqualified for being >= 30. Bummer. #
  • Sales of Red Zone After Hours Body Wash have fallen by 7% RT @Slate Old Spice guy isn't spicing up sales #

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