Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-06-27

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  • It takes 200 years to destroy a currency. Falling silver content of ancient Roman coins (resembles USD): #
  • Pepperoni is the next bacon. RT @RossCatrow Belmont Butchery keeps redefining my definition of meat products. This week it's: pepperoni #
  • One in four Americans does not read one book per year. Sad. #
  • Congrats Cliff Lee on your last start as a Mariner. #
  • #USA broke twitter! #
  • RT @glennkelman: The word "error" has no antonym: #
  • Whoa. Totally didn't see this one coming. RT @Time Another Bachelor romance comes to an end | #
  • "France… refused to practice on Sunday. Like most soccer fans, we had absolutely no idea the French team had been practicing at all." #WSJ #
  • FIFA is going overboard with super slow-mos during the #WC I cannot take another manager in grief in 1/100th speed. #

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