Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-05-30

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  • Gray hairs are migrating higher on my head. Bright side: "Gray hair is a crown of glory; it is gained in a righteous life" Proverbs 16:31 #
  • The guys @BPGlobalPR say they've sold 400 t-shirts. 76K followers = 0.5% conversion rate. Not bad, but room for improvement #
  • Can't stand #TweetDeck #039;s update pop-ups every hour. If there was a suitable replacement, I'd switch in a heartbeat. #
  • All that fluff in the air has been cottonwood tree seeds. Sometimes it's so thick it looks like flurries. #
  • Call it a hunch, but I think @kingsthings has someone ghostwriting his tweets #
  • Rich Rodriguez's Michigan has lost to Ohio State by a combined score of 63-17. 100 days until football season starts! #
  • Foursquare consistently goes down several times a day. Perhaps it's time to try a location based service that actually works. #
  • I can't believe 13.5 MM people watched the LOST finale, compared to 35 MM for Home Improvement. #
  • I want to have this for dinner tonight. #
  • It's ridiculous that Europe gets to see LOST at the same time as the East Coast, but out here on the West Coast – 3 hr. delay. #

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