Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-05-02

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  • It’s time to bench Griffey. Jack Zduriencik and Don Wakamatsu: here’s all the data you need… #Mariners
  • Mel Kiper Sophomore. Brilliant! RT @melkiperthe3rd Liked my neighbor a lot until I saw him run for the elevator. 4.92. That’s a problem.
  • How can I join the LOST Social Network, and can I post updates from other services there, or is it its own island?
  • Not surprised “Evil Empire” is the top #FantasyBaseball team name. I play against one every year. Top 100:
  • Mariners offering $10 seats for Twitter followers: RT @TheRealMariners: Special offer for our Twitter followers:
  • Microsoft removed the map function from Excel (now charges $250). Luckily, Google Docs lets you make a map for free
  • I too find the Gladwell-type essays interesting, but at the same time, a vapid “philosophic vertigo”
  • What if you bought Apple stock instead of that Macbook/ipod/ipad? #apple

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