Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-04-11

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  • Had my first Trophy Cupcake this evening. I must admit, it's better than a regular cupcake. #
  • Twitter is a good indicator of box office revenue. #
  • Fantastic video from the NFL combine overlays top performer and average joe running the 40. #
  • I used to use Digsby for multiple IM profiles; no more. They auto-update your status message, which gets picked up by Google Buzz. Disaster! #
  • Update: I've returned the Belkin wireless adapter. "Belkin has not released any updated drivers for the Play Wireless USB adapter. " #
  • Take UConn (-14.5) in the NCAA Women's Tourney. UConn has only won 2 games by <14.5 points this year (including Stanford by 12). @ebonkovsky #
  • Belkin update – email at 10:30 am, issue is being escalated. No help yet #
  • Belkin reached out to me at 9am. Let's see where this goes. #
  • Mariners win opening night. It's nice to be in an MLB town again. #
  • Tried a iPad out at Best Buy today. It was fun. I would never buy one though. #
  • Belkin – why do you sell products not supported online? Just bought a "Basic" wireless adapter. Does not work. Nothing online. #Belkinsucks #
  • Donovan McNabb doesn't have the completion percentage to compete with the best QBs. The Redskins made (another) foolish move. #

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