The sad state of the AL West

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You know things are bad in the AL West when the only team with a winning record just declared bankruptcy.

  • The Texas Rangers, sitting atop the division at 26-20, declared bankruptcy yesterday. The team is expected to be sold to a group of investors led by Nolan Ryan.
  • The Seattle Mariners are among the leagues worst teams, with a record of 17-28
  • AL West’s combined record: 88-97 (47.6%)
  • The AL West’s record against the AL East: 25-38 (39.7%)

The one bright spot – because all the teams are so bad, all the teams are alive in the playoff hunt. It’s unlikely at this point to see any team dump salary. But that could come later.

It’s unfortunate that the 2nd place team in both the AL East and the AL Central would be atop the AL West, but that’s the way things go, and that’s why there’s a wild card.

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