“The Conversation” gets it right

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I’ve never been a fan of talk radio. Both sides (liberal and conservative) rant and rave about their positions and don’t listen to other perspectives. There’s no incentive to present facts or honest debate because that’s not what sells – the bombast always wins out, whether it’s Al Frankin or Rush Limbaugh.

However, I came across a great show on Seattle NPR called “The Conversation” where people from both sides are reasonable and have an honest discussion. It’s enlightening. It covers local and national issues and features guests and live call-ins.

One of my favorite parts of the show is when the host Ross Reynolds challenges guests and callers with tough questions. He never minces words or spins, but challenges people to defend their view using facts. And, he doesn’t take sides.

I’m never near a radio weekdays at noon, so I subscribe to the podcast so I can listen at my convenience. You should check out the podcasts as well. http://kuow.org/conversation/

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