Selling a $2 bill for $4

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I was leafing through the coupons section of the newspaper this weekend and came across this gem:

This is perhaps the greatest piece of marketing I’ve ever seen – selling a $2 bill for $4. It’s like selling ice to an Eskimo.

Any American can walk/drive/run to their nearest bank and exchange 2 $1 bills for 1 $2 bill. Now, not every bank carries them, but many/most do.

I love the selling points & features this ad highlights:

  • Make up less than 1% of all U.S notes printed
  • SAVE 58%
  • Collector-preferred Crisp Uncirculated condition
  • Based on an 1818 painting featuring John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, and Ben Franklin
  • Seldom-seen and historic note
  • Rarely found in circulation

Save $2 and don’t bother responding to this ad.

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