Lessons from Redfin’s “Mold” in the Pacific Northwest

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I attended a seminar on Tuesday at Redfin‘s offices in downtown Seattle on mold in the Pacific Northwest. Karen Crowe from Envirospect Northwest presented.

My key takeaway was not to worry so much about mold. First, it’s treatable. Second, the horror stories about “Black Mold” and homes slowly killing their occupants are largely media hyperbole. Worst case scenario – if there’s a mold problem, you’ll figure it out, and it’s fixable. It was a valuable class for a soon-to-be first-time homebuyer. Plus, the free Indian food was excellent. 

Key Takeaways

  • Don’t let the media freak you out about mold
  • When buying a house, look for red flags (actual mold, bad smells, water damage, broken pipes, bad roofing/flashing)
  • Try to avoid houses with a basement in the Pacific Northwest
  • Leave fan on in bathroom for 30 mins after shower
  • Put piece of toilet paper on fan to see if its working

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