How to enter an NFL Draft with only 2 picks

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Each team is assigned 7 picks in each NFL draft, but somehow the Oakland Raiders are entering the 2012 draft with only 2 picks – a 5th round and 6th round selection. How did they do it?

Basically, they traded their picks for Quarterbacks

Here’s a chart of where their picks went

1st Round: Traded to Bengals (Carson Palmer)

2nd Round: Traded to Patriots (2011 3rd & 4th Rounders)

3rd Round: Used in 2011 Supplemental Draft (Terrelle Pryor)

4th Round: Traded to Redskins (Jason Campbell)

7th Round: Traded to Seattle (Aaron Curry)

When will the Raiders finally pick?

The Raiders have the 17th draft spot, and won’t draft until the 5th round, so their pick of the draft will be on Day 3 (Sunday) with the 145th pick! However, Oakland could (and likely will) be awarded supplemental picks for losing free agents, so they could add a few picks and actually get in on some draft action in the first two days.

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