Does posting something on Google Plus result in any traffic?

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With my recent post on #Linsanity, I did a test to see how much traffic various social networks generated. Specifically, I wanted to see if there was any value to posting a link on Google+. I posted a link to my post on the three major Social Networks: Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus to see which would drive the most traffic.

Sources of Traffic: Test Results

I found that, not surprisingly, Google Plus contributed no traffic to my site. It’s a black hole. However, there were a couple surprising insights:

  • Facebook didn’t generate any visits. For most posts, I usually see a trickle of traffic from Facebook, but I was surprised none of my “friends” bothered to click the link.
  • I got a surprising amount of traffic from other blogs. I had previously underestimated this traffic.
  • Google Reader still delivers. Even though Google has been trying to downplay Google Reader and remove the sharing functionality, and even though I post my full feed on RSS, people still click through. Note: Subscribe to my blog and don’t miss anything! Cut and paste this link in your RSS reader of choice.

I’ll run another test in a few months and see if anything has changed. For now, I will continue using Google+ exactly like I have in the past: Not at all.

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