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I don’t watch much TV, but I’m a big fan of the Apprentice. The first season, when I was a wee pup having just graduated, I was fascinated by Bill Ransick’s rise to the top, and have watched every season since.

Celebrity Apprentice is a big step down from the original, but I still love figuring out how I would solve the business problems. Word on the street is that the real Apprentice with “normal” people will be back next season.

This season, I have been puzzled by 2 questions, both of which can be seen from this picture:

1. Why is cancer-survivor Darryl Strawberry smoking? He’s had terrible addictions to everything from cocaine to painkillers, but why would a man that survived colon cancer and had 24 inches of his colon, lymph nodes, and a kidney removed to combat cancer, then pick up smoking. That’s absolutely crazy. Trump should fire him for that alone.

2. Why does Sinbad carry around a leopard print blanket with him at all times? I’ve scoured the Internet but cannot find the answer.

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