A “Pac 12” playoff would have been lame this year

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What would have happened if the PAC-10 expansion had happened in 2010 instead of 2011? My guess is that it would have been a letdown – Oregon vs. a Utah with several additional losses on their record.

Let’s examine the hypothetical standings *with newly-added Colorado & Utah’s in-conference records…

North Division

  1. Oregon (9-0)
  2. Stanford (8-1)
  3. Washington (5-4)
  4. Oregon State (4-5)
  5. California (3-6)
  6. Washington State (1-8)

South Division

  1. Utah (7-1)*
  2. USC (5-4)
  3. Arizona State (4-5)
  4. Arizona (4-5)
  5. UCLA (2-7)
  6. Colorado (2-6)*

Now, my guess is that Utah wouldn’t have fared so well in the PAC-12 as they did in the Mountain West. My guess is that they’d finish near 5-4.

So, 9-0 Oregon would have been forced to play a 5-4 team for the PAC-12 Championship. Who wants to watch that? Plus, what happens when Oregon gets upset? An un-ranked team (ala Connecticut) gets a BCS berth!?

This situation won’t happen every year (luckily), but in the years it does, I won’t be watching.

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