• Big League Chew is fried bubble gum. Mind blown! http://bit.ly/cXI0Ea #
  • A chicken in every pot, and bumper for every iPhone. #
  • I write like David Foster Wallace. That's scary. http://iwl.me/ #
  • Wouldn't it be nice to know how many times people clicked on your Google Reader shared items (Google Buzz) ala Bit.ly? #
  • Facebook had record traffic in June. So much for everyone quitting Facebook. http://tcrn.ch/bieOAi #
  • Made it through yesterday. Glad there will not be another day w/o at least 1 game played of the 4 major sports until 7-11-2011 #
  • I would say that once you turn 30 you no longer get carded, but honestly that happened at 27 #
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