West coast basketball fans catch a break with NCAA scheduling

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The East Coast bias in sports is pervasive. But on the first Monday in April, West Coasters get a little bit of revenge when the NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship tips off at 9:23 pm Eastern Time.

The fact that it tips off so late is ridiculous. Yes, it’s nice that I get a chance to get home from work, cook up some wings, and enjoy the game. But if they started the game at 5 pm Pacific, I could make do. CBS is looking to maximize their dollars by stretching East Coasters to the limit while making it convenient for West Coasters.

I remember being 8 years old and desperately wanting to watch the Michigan – Seton Hall Championship game (interestingly, played in Seattle), but was not allowed because it started too late. The only way I got to experience the game was vicariously through my Grandpa the next morning when he recounted the smooth foul shots of Glen Rice to clinch the game.

Tonight, children up and down the East Coast will face the same fate as I did – bedtime before the Championship game even starts. But not the West Coast kids. They’ll be able to watch the entire game, and even fit in some video games before bed.

As for me, I’ll get to watch the game and not feel groggy the next morning, which doesn’t make up for 1989, but I’ll take it.

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