Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-10-09

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  • That 2nd half collapse was not Ohio State Football. #fickellball #
  • Using a tractor on the tarp is cheating! #
  • via Reddit: map of the NFL, based around the distance between the two intradivisional teams that are farthest away. #
  • Why was James still in the game in the 4th Quarter? #
  • And just like that, my stop. Thanks #RapidRide #
  • On my first #rapidride bus. So far so good. Love swiping my Orca card before boarding. Wish others would do the same. #
  • I was converted too RT @jenncmurphy: Verdict from @jamesmurph: "turkey burgers taste just as good as beef," and, "that was delicious." #
  • Gene Smith will not make it to the 2012 season. My guess is he's gone before the Bowl Season (IF Ohio State MAKES Bowl Season) #
  • Sad statistic: We're a quarter of the way through the #NFL season. #
  • Does Seattle really have more coffee shops than other cities: Seattleites sure do love their caffeinated beverag… #
  • Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-10-02: I can't believe this Francona thing is really going down. #overreaction h… #

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