King County Coronavirus Daily Prediction: 6-18

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Uh oh.

Today’s number was 94!!! We haven’t had a number that high since May 6th. This is bad!

We didn’t get approval for Phase 2 yet… I wonder if that’s on hold for now. By my numbers, we’re a hair above 25 infections per 100k. Or who knows – they might just rubber stamp the approval.

What was the infection rate yesterday? 8%! Yikes. Only 813 tests are in from yesterday (typically twice that number). So expect to see a big number tomorrow.

My recommendation to all my readers… BE CAREFUL THIS WEEKEND. I know it’s father’s day, but consider not hugging your dad. That might be the best way to show him you love him.

Scary fact – the model just flipped. The model now predicts wave 2. This is bad. Here’s the polynomial model, which now has better predictive power than the logarithmic model. Look at that up-slope.

For reference, here’s the logarithmic model…

So, what’s the prediction for tomorrow. Since I’m doing my best guess based on what the model says, I have to go with the Polynomial model at 40… remember, yesterday’s prediction was 17 with the logarithmic model. AND, I’LL STILL TAKE THE OVER. Yikes.

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