King County Coronavirus Daily Prediction: 5-7 PART 2

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Can you believe it has been 70 days since the first COVID-19 infection here in King County? It seems like a long time, however, it also seems like just yesterday.

93 was today’s number. Significantly above both models.

Interestingly, 93 was the number for yesterday alone, meaning there were no additional infections reported for the previous 69 days. That’s only the 2nd time that has happened. It’s a great signal that we’re moving 100% to same-day test results. It’s about time! (although I still expect Saturday to be data cleanup day).

Let’s look first at the 2-week chart. Flat, but yesterday is actually the highest daily number in 2 weeks.

OK – now for tomorrow’s predictions…. Both models are sticking to their guns. 28 and 60 are the predictions.

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