A “Sam Fetchero economic indicator”

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People say the economy is improving, but is it really? Sometimes visual examples are more powerful than statistics. Here’s what I saw on my trip to Marrowstone Island last weekend…

Hanjin Cargo Ship
Evergreen Cargo Ship

Those are two cargo ships in the Puget Sound, and they look very full.

But the important comparison is, what did they look like last year? I’m happy to report that they’re much fuller than they were a year ago. I visited Marrowstone Island almost a year ago to the day that these pictures were taken, and the containers are stacked much higher than before. Another important consideration is how many ships passed by; I didn’t keep a tally, but it seemed like roughly the same number of ships.

So, this Sam Fetchero economic inidicator – “Ship Fullness” – is looking very strong. So, good news for Seattle and the overall economy. Business has picked up.

Stay tuned for more Sam Fetchero economic indicators.

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