• Want to have soccer catch on in America? Have Gus Johnson call it. http://t.co/CvuJdc0f! #
  • I can't believe Kellen Moore did not get drafted. #
  • Klouchebag score for @samfetchero: 28, or 'mostly alright'. http://t.co/iN2Uh2Gk #
  • Why have you not joined Bing Rewards yet? Search Bing, earn credits toward rewards. http://t.co/pYUzTVX6 #
  • Giving this a shot – Box of Organic Produce for $19 DELIVERED https://t.co/vRr6Qlqo via @LivingSocial #
  • Just when I thought the @Seahawks redeemed themselves, they go and make a stretch pick like that. How's Carpenter working out for ya? #
  • Remember that the @Seahawks traded a 4th and a 6th for Lynch in 2010. They basically moved back 3 spots for Lynch. #
  • So proud of the @Seahawks right now. Wise trade. #
  • Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-04-22: It's tough to know who is warming up in the bullpen on Jackie Robinson Da… http://t.co/I8cblipK #
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