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Why is brick-and-mortar struggling? I have a hypothesis…

We needed some masking tape, so I went to, placed an order, and planned on going to the store the next day to pick up in person. When I double-checked my receipt, I realized there was a problem – the pickup date was in 60 DAYS. This isn’t going to work for the modern economy.


Which baseball fans show up after Opening Day

Opening day is awesome. There is a buzz in the air. There is a new hope. The baseball season is just beginning, and there’s no reason THIS YEAR isn’t the year.

However, by day 2 of the baseball season, reality sets in. Only 10 teams will make the playoffs. Fans go on with their lives.

I wondered: Which teams have the smallest and largest drop-off in attendance between opening day and “Day 2?”

I looked at the % of attendance for each home team on the 2nd home game vs. the 1st home game: The higher the %, the more fans return to the stands in the 2nd home game.

Day 2 Attendance

Not surprisingly, most teams sell out on opening day. However, Day 2 is more revealing. In 2014, the Angels, Giants, and Red Sox all had the smallest drop-off in attendance in Day 2 vs. Day 1 (virtually no drop-off.) This may be correlated to the recent successes and high potential/expectations for 2014 these teams have.

Interestingly, those teams don’t have the largest stadiums, and were out-drawn on Opening Day. Teams like the Dodgers and Rockies have larger stadiums, however, weren’t able to retain the same crowd on day 2.

The lowest-retaining teams were Cleveland and Chicago White Sox, both teams with harsh, cold conditions on Day 2. Tampa, the #3 worst-performing team, doesn’t have the same excuse, playing in a dome. Tampa Bay had the lowest attendance on Opening Day and the worst “warm weather city” in crowd retention.

Does W/L record on Opening day have an impact on fan retention on Day 2?

You would think baseball fans would not be so short sighted as to bail on their team if they lost the home opener. The data confirms this – teams that lost on opening day actually retained more fans in home game #2 than winning clubs.


win loss attendance mlb

Finally, I wondered if a team gets a lift from hosting true opening day, and if attendance wanes if the team starts on the road

I grouped MLB teams into 3 categories:

  1. Those that start the season at home.
  2. Those that start on the road, but have their first home game in the first weekend of the season.
  3. Those that go 2 weeks before opening at home

There doesn’t appear to be correlation of higher attendance in home game 2 and when the game occurs.

first weekend mlb

Pinterest visits level off


Great article in the WSJ about Pinterest, visitors, and sales.

  • Customers referred by Pinterest spent 2X per order ($140-$180) than those coming from Facebook, and 3X per order than those coming from Twitter. Source: RichRelevance
  • Unique visitors to Pinterest via desktop machines has leveled-off in the past year. This does not take into account mobile visits. Source: comScore

Very interesting implications: Pinterest could be a very lucrative site to advertise for retailers, as their monetization strategy ramps-up. However, the scale may be much smaller than Facebook and Twitter, and growth may be leveling-off.

We at Pacific Northwest-Coast Bias approve of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s baby’s name: North West

Peer-to-Peer Lending and Community Banks

Check out my recent post over at Peer Lending Advisors on Peer-to-Peer Lending and what Lending Club’s partnership with community banks means for P2P Lending and banking in general.

Betting on the Super Bowl 2014

For those prepared to take the risk of a futures bet on the 2014 Super Bowl at such an early stage in the NFL season, there is plenty of information about which teams are favourites available at bookmakers. The Broncos have been installed by sports betting pages as the hot favourites in the early season, at 9/2, but there are several other teams not far below them in the odds standings. The Seahawks (11/2), the 49ers (8/1) and the Patriots (11/1) are all reasonably safe bets for the Super Bowl, at this stage of the season, but you may not fancy a safe bet.

After all, for some NFL gambling fans it is all about taking a punt on a team a bit outside the favourites, but not out of contention. A lot of people have identified the Cincinnati Bengals as a good sleeper bet at 20/1, although they do not have a good play-off record. What is surprising is that more punters are not considering the Ravens at 39/1, as they won the Super Bowl last year, have retained the core of the side that did so, and have actually strengthened in the key defensive positions. They represent a good sleeper pick for this season, but another tip would be to let the season progress, see how the teams perform, and play online casino slot games like $5 Million Touchdown.

This particular NFL slot machine has impressed a great many fans of the sport, and of casino – and it would be fair to say that the $5 million cash jackpot has a lot to do with. However for NFL fans the graphics in the bonus game, involving trying to score a winning touchdown in a match, will be just as significant to the appeal – as they really do make you feel like you are out there on the pitch in a key match. Find the best online casinos in New Zealand at Both NFL and casino fans will enjoy the fact that the game gives you a strong shot at a payout, offering both wild and scatter icons amongst the NFL-related images filling the five reels. So $5 Million Touchdown is truly a game for everyone.

Television Quiz

What did the call letters for WGN originally stand for?

Answer after the jump

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Fort Flagler is a gem

The east coast has gems like Gettysburg and other Civil War battlefields, which are tremendous sites. But the West Coast isn’t too shabby either. While visiting Marrowstone Island a few weeks ago, I got to spend a few hours exploring Fort Flagler.

Fort Flagler was a military base established when the Maine was sunk in Havana Harbor at the start of the Spanish American War, and remained active until the Korean War. It was part of the triangle of defense protecting the Puget Sound.

The most fascinating part was the barracks (above). Underground bunkers surely served as primitive living conditions, but the location was strategic and the troops served an important purpose. Rooms were labeled with their different uses (oil room, shell room), but they all had the same concrete walls and buried under the same dirt and grass. Uncomfortable!

Another great part was the lookout. Separate from the bunkers, a dug-out room overlooks the Puget Sound and has an amazing view. Surely it was used to attempt to spot enemy ships. Cousin Hillary climbed in to check out the view (below).

While walking around the park and the bunkers, I felt like I was part of the show LOST and I was inside a large hatch. It was a fun experience.

Top photo by: Smythy


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