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Paint color or band name – answers

Have you taken the paint color or band name quiz?

Unfortunately, I spent a lot of time in the paint section. They’re all paint colors.


Paint color or band name?

After visiting Lowe’s four times this weekend, I got pretty familiar with the paint section. As I was browsing the paint colors, I got to thinking, some of these paint colors would make great band names.

So I give you: Paint color or band name? For the list below, try to identify which is the name of a band, and which is a paint color. Leave your guess in the comments:

  1. Cowslip
  2. Gray Morning
  3. Chambray
  4. Cosmic Rays
  5. Twine
  6. King Triton


What are the only days with no NFL, MLB, NHL, or NBA games? Not what you think.

It’s been one of my favorite trivia questions. The traditional answer has been the day before and the day after the MLB All Star game. I’ve never seen the answer challenged either in print or when talked about. But I recently realized that I, along with the rest of the sporting public, have been intellectually lazy and not thought through the real answer. 

What are the only days with no NFL, MLB, NHL, or NBA games? – There are 6 in 2010:

  • The day before and after the MLB All Star game
  • The two days after the MLB season ends
  • Christmas Eve
  • The day after the NBA All Star Game

The two days after the MLB season ends

This year, the MLB season ended on October 3rd, and the playoffs didn’t begin until the 6th. That left the 4th and 5th without an MLB game. The NFL didn’t play that day, and the NBA and NHL seasons hadn’t started yet. Those were two very long days.

Now, some may count preseason NBA, which was going on at the time, but that hardly counts as a major sporting event.

Last year, the NHL season started a week earlier, so sports fans had some relieft. Not this year. Had the Padres held on at the end of the MLB season, these two days would have been filled with tiebreaker baseball, but alas.

Christmas Eve

This year there will be no joy on Christmas Eve. Since it lands on a Friday, there will be no football played, and the NBA and NHL are off. We will be forced to spend time with our families.

Christmas Eve sometimes has NFL games played, depending on the calendar.

Olympics-driven scheduling

This year there were no sports on February 15th due to the Olympics (no NHL) and it being the day after the NBA All Star game (off day). This won’t happen next year, and probably will not happen in future Olympics – just a one-time scheduling quirk.

Visitor from Russia

I had a couple visitors to my blog from Russia over the weekend. Normally this isn’t a big deal – I get visitors from other countries all the time. But what was interesting was Google Analytics’ depiction of Russia on the “Map Overlay” module. I noticed a small piece of Russia sandwiched between Poland and Lithuania, not physically attached to the rest of Russia. (See red circle)

I thought it was a mistake. There’s no way Russia would be allowed to keep such a valuable sliver of land. Instead, I found out I was the one mistaken.

Inside that red circle is Kaliningrad, a Russian province that has remained with Russia despite much map redrawing over the past century. It actually has a term – it’s called an Exclave, which is a one territory legally or politically attached to another territory without being contiguous. Think Alaska.

My geographic world has been turned upside down. Thank you, visitors from Russia, for setting all of us straight.

Baseball Quiz

OK sports fans…

Who won the AL Rookie of the Year in 1989.

Answer after the jump.

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Presidential Quiz

This is my favorite trivia question of all time:

Can you name the 3 presidents that were elected in non-leap years?

Answers after the jump…

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Geography Quiz Time

Name each US state that is the farthest East, West, North, and South.

Answers after the jump…

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